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Intra-Oral Camera

Fryeburg dentists Dr. Mike Harper and Dr. Nicole Pickerell can use an intra-oral camera to help you understand your dental exam, diagnosis and treatment options. The small, handheld video camera is the size of a large pen and allows you to see what your dentist is seeing. Not only can it be educational but it can also allow you to make more informed, confident decisions about your dental care.

How the Intra-Oral Camera Works

The small, intra-oral camera can be used to comfortably take pictures of your teeth, which are transmitted to a screen for you to review. We can also use it to give you a video tour of your mouth. During the video, we’re able to pause and zoom in on areas of concern so that you can clearly see them in color. This makes you a more active participant in your dental treatment and helps you better understand our findings.

We’re even able to print out images that you can take home or that we can use for future reference to show you any changes in your oral health or illustrate how a multi-phase treatment is progressing. Sometimes, the images can even provide your insurance company with the poof they need to approve the necessary treatment.


You can see what your dentist is seeing on the screen. We can walk you through our findings in real time, giving you a clearer understanding.This lets you make informed decisions about treatment and can even help you improve your oral hygiene routine.

High-Definition Images

The crisp, clear images from the camera have excellent detail and we can manipulate them to give you a better view. We can pause the video and zoom in to show you areas of concern.

Improved Diagnostics

Our intra-oral camera has powerful magnification that can actually reveal issues like cavities and gum disease in their earliest stages when they’re easier to treat.

Unparalleled Views

The camera is so small, it allows us to see your mouth from every angle. We can obtain and show you views of your soft tissues and enamel that wouldn’t be possible to see otherwise.

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