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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a simple, affordable way to replace missing tooth structure or to hide minor tooth defects like chips, discoloration and small gaps. We apply a tooth-colored composite resin to the affected area that actually bonds with the rest of the tooth, restoring its strength, function and appearance. As experienced Fryeburg cosmetic dentists, Dr. Harper and Dr. Pickerell can artistically and skillfully perform dental bonding so that it’s impossible to tell the bonded tooth from your other teeth. To find out if we can transform your smile with cosmetic dental bonding, schedule an appointment at Fryeburg Dental Center.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding uses a composite resin, which is made of plastic and glass to mimic the translucency and strength of a natural tooth. The material comes in a variety of tooth shades to give you lifelike results that blend in seamlessly with your smile. Bonding either replaces missing tooth structure, such as in the case of decay or a chipped tooth, or goes over existing enamel to mask imperfections. While bonding won’t last as long as a dental veneer, no drilling of your natural teeth is necessary. This makes it an especially great solution for teenagers since they often have to wait until their teeth are fully mature before getting a more permanent restoration.

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding



Dental bonding gives you lifelike results. It can flawlessly restore the appearance of your teeth.



Bonding can replace missing tooth structure or hide a variety of minor defects in a tooth.


Fast and Painless

The procedure is quick and painless. No drilling is involved and it can be done in a single visit.

What to Expect

When you visit us for cosmetic bonding in Fryeburg, we can usually complete the procedure in one visit and in under an hour. First, Dr. Harper or Dr. Pickerell will clean the surface of the tooth that they’re bonding so it’s free of plaque. They’ll then etch the surface with an acidic gel, which opens up little pores on the tooth. After rinsing off the etching solution, they’ll paint on a thin layer of the composite resin in a shade that matches your tooth. The liquid material fills the pores, creating a micromechanical bond. The bonding material is then hardened with the curing light.

After the first layer has hardened, Dr. Harper or Dr. Pickerell can paint on another layer and cure it, repeating the process with as many layers as necessary to get the ideal thickness. They’ll shape the bonding material to make it look exactly like the rest of your tooth. When the look and fit are perfect, they’ll finish up by polishing it.

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