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Digital Dental Impressions

Sometimes, your dentist needs to take impressions in order to make a three-dimensional model of your teeth that is then used to fabricate crowns, bridges, or appliances, such as clear aligners, retainers and nightguards. Conventional dental impressions involve biting into a tray of goopy putty and holding still while trying not to gag. At Fryeburg Dental Center, we have a faster, more comfortable, more precise alternative. Our dentists take digital impressions using a small, handheld wand to create a computerized model of your teeth for perfect-fitting restorations and appliances.

How Digital Dental Impressions Work

We lightly dust the tooth, or teeth, with a reflective material. Then, one of our team members uses a small, handheld, scanning wand that relies on blue wavelength light to precisely capture images of the teeth, down to their unique nooks and crannies. A powerful computer program combines the images to create a highly accurate, virtual, 3D model of your teeth.

The process is quick and comfortable and you can breathe normally throughout it. We’re able to see the images instantly on our screen to examine your teeth and bite on the spot. This ensures prep work for fillings, crowns and veneers is accurate and can be adjusted in real-time.


Say goodbye to the goop, discomfort and gagging associated with traditional dental impression materials. Digital scans are comfortable and stress-free.

Real-Time Assessments

Dr. Harper and Dr. Pickerell can immediately assess whether your tooth has been properly prepared for a restoration and make necessary adjustments right away.


Digital dental impressions are ideal for fabricating restorations like crowns, veneers and fillings and often make it possible to do it in a single visit.


The process of taking digital impressions is much faster than traditional dental impressions, saving you time.

Discover a New Dental Experience

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