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Laser Treatment

Dr. Mike Harper and Dr. Nicole Pickerell offer laser dentistry in Fryeburg. At our practice, we use laser for a variety of dental treatments, including treating gum disease, diagnosing tooth decay in its earliest stages, performing soft tissue procedures, and more. Lasers are a safe, effective, precise way to address a number of oral health concerns. To learn more about the dental laser treatment options at Fryeburg Dental Center, read on or schedule a visit with us today.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

Lasers emit powerful, yet highly controllable beams of high-energy light. The incredible precision of lasers is a huge benefit in dentistry. At Fryeburg Dental Center, we use lasers for:

  • Diagnostics – Lasers are powerful diagnostic tools. We can use laser light of a specific wavelength for the early detection of issues like tooth decay long before it can be seen by traditional methods. Lasers can also detect oral cancer in its earliest stages.
  • Soft Tissue Treatments – Lasers are minimally invasive tools for treating soft tissue problems. Since lasers can be so precisely controlled, they remove less tissue than conventional methods and laser procedures typically have less bleeding and pain. Dr. Harper and Dr. Pickerell use lasers to perform gum disease treatment, seal ulcers and sores on the lips or gums, perform frenectomies and remove excess gum tissue, among other procedures.
  • Hard Tissue Treatments – Lasers can even be used to treat small cavities. The laser is very exact, letting us preserve more of a tooth’s healthy enamel. It also doesn’t produce noise or vibration like a dental drill does.
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