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Cone Beam CT Dental Imaging

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) has similarities to traditional x-rays and standard CT scans but it’s a huge leap forward in diagnostic precision. With Cone Beam CT imaging, Dr. Harper and Dr. Pickerell can get a clear picture of the structures inside of the mouth, including the root canals, nerves and sinuses, in three dimensions without surgery. Thanks to their ability to visualize your entire dental and facial anatomy, the technology can reduce the need for invasive procedures, lead to better outcomes and shorten treatment time.

How Cone Beam CT Dental Imaging Works

Conventional x-rays can reveal what’s below your soft tissues and bone, however, they only show a one-dimensional, still-life perspective. A Cone Beam CT scanner, on the other hand, uses a rotating imaging device that moves around your head recording 150 to 600 different x-rays views in less than a minute. Then, a powerful computer stitches together these x-ray “slices” to create a virtual model of your mouth and its structures. The model appears as a three-dimensional image on our computer screen. We can rotate it from side to side, move it up and down, zoom in and out, enhance the contrast and manipulate it in a variety of ways.

Being able to see fine anatomical structures in three dimensions helps us:

  • Determine the optimal location for dental implants while avoiding sinuses, nerves and areas of low bone density
  • Accurately pinpoint the position of the teeth and jaws to create truly custom orthodontic treatment plans
  • Evaluate patients’ anatomy to diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and sleep apnea
  • Perform intricate endodontic procedures, including complex root canals
  • Plan safe and effective oral surgery procedures, such as removing tumors or extracting impacted teeth

Quick and Comfortable

The CBCT scanner moves around your head while you’re comfortably seated and captures images in under a minute.

Incredible Visual Information

We can see the intricate structures of the mouth from the root canals to the nerves without surgery.

More Accurate Diagnostics and Treatments

We can develop more accurate diagnoses and we’re able to precisely plan treatments from every angle for improved safety and better results.


CBCT images can be used for any number of areas of dentistry, including orthodontics, oral surgery, implant dentistry and endodontics.

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